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Bombardier, Nothing Like Its Name

The name Bombardier brings to mind images of WWII pilots dropping bombs on Europe. Nothing could be further from reality for this Canadian builder of business jets.

Though less well known than some other names, their jets are famed throughout the industry for speed, efficiency and style. The company purchased Learjet about 15 years ago, but even before and since they've continued to produce models independent of that line that are outstanding. Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg, among many other notables, own Bombardier business jets. These men are not known for spending money foolishly.

One of the most outstanding models in its current line up is the Global Express XRS. This ultra long-range business jet offers speed that shrinks global distances to local travel times. It offers comfort that makes you sorry the trip was so quick.

With a cabin width of over 8 feet (2.5 m) and a height of over 6 feet (2 m) it provides plenty of space for even larger passengers. The 48-foot/14.7-m length gives you ample room to take a stroll on those rare flights where you have time to spare. But the cruising speed of 0.80 Mach (850 kph/540 mph) means you won't have too much time to be bored.

With a pair of Rolls Royce's finest powerplants attached, the Global Express XRS can easily carry up to 19 people from New York to London. The range of over 6,700 mi (11,000 km) makes the flight just a casual jaunt over the pond as it speeds along at 43,000 feet (13,1 km).

Even the smaller Challenger 300 carries equally impressive specs. Carrying up to 8 on board, it can still achieve Mach 0.82 and cruise up to 45,000 feet (13,7 km). Yet it has a range of over 3,400 mi (5740 km). That's ample for flights from Boston to LA or Paris to Prague.

The light alloy structure allows it to float along at maximum fuel economy as it delivers passengers and crew in safety and comfort. Its low overhead philosophy is continued with only two crew required. In service since 2002, it has proven its mettle on transcontinental flights.

Some can't resist the lure of the Lear name, though. For them, the company still produces a line of what has always been among the best business jets in existence. The Learjet 45 is just one example.

With a 5 foot/1.5 m high, 5.1 foot/1.55 m wide cabin, the Learjet 45 provides a comfortable amount of leg and headroom for a plane in the mid-size class. With eight windows along each side of the cabin, those enjoying the plush double club seats will have a great view as they speed along.

When you need to use the restrooms on those longer flights, you'll be grateful for the first class amenities in this outstanding corporate jet. But with a cruising speed of over 480 mph (800 kph) and a range of over 2,200 mi (3,700 km) you won't have to worry about that very often.

Whether you need a smaller jet for shorter hops and want the finest designs and production in the business, or need an ultra-long cruiser for those transcontinental flights, look to the company behind the name Bombardier.